​"Eye Contact is Everything! "

by Angela​

Wink Lashes Tucson

​​​​​​​​​​​Q & A

How often do y need fills?
Average fills are between 10 days and 4 weeks, depending on your personal maintenance, growth direction and the retention of the bond.  If you have lashes that tend to grow out in many different directions then every 10 days is advisable.  If you are not taking care of your lashes, as directed by tech, then lashes might shed faster that anticipated. 

What if I want a fill but I'm a new client?
Any fill booked with a new client, will be subjected to a free ten minute consultation.  After examination of lashes I will determine whether I am able to work over the work done prior or if I need to remove and start fresh.   Estimate of service will be given at this time. 

Can I curl my lashes?
All lash extension curl sizes have been previously selected by your technician to give you the best look.  Using a lash curler would change the direction of the curl and then change the entire look of the lash. (which would be irreversible)

Can I wear makeup?
Yes you can wear makeup.   You can use any type of make up on your face.  Any makeup you put around your eyes must be oil free.   Careful of certain types of eyeliner, as the ingredients can cause fallout.  Ask your tech which kind she/he prefers.

How do I clean them?
Cleaning your lashes is like cleaning your hair.  You can clean them everyday or every other day.   Just remember, the more dirt they come in contact with (sweat, makeup, etc) the more they need to be cleaned.  Baby shampoo is directed by a lot of techs, it is natural and has no harm chemicals (a little goes a long way).

Can I get them wet?​​
After the initial 24 hours, you can get them soaking wet.  Depending on your artists way of curing glue will depend on how long you must wait the get them wet.  Your tech will let you know what the time frame is but usually no longer than 24 hours.

Work out?
You can workout but do remember that sweat has oil in it, so make sure you clean your lashes after the work out.

How often do I brush them?
Brush your lashes like you would brush your hair.  If your hair is messy you brush it, if your lashes are messy brush them!  Make sure to use a gentle motion when brushing your lashes.

What is the difference between a fill and a set?
A set of lashes is 50% or more of lashes that need to be placed.   A fill is 50% or less of lashes that need to be replaced.  Your technician will decide this.  It's important to be honest about the fill you need as the technician will decide the time needed for the service.  If you are not honest, you could be shorting yourself on a proper fill.